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Promotion of Education and Research in Food & Nutrition has been one of the primary objectives of the Association and is carried out in many ways.

  • The Association has been actively conducting Nutrition Awareness Activities throughout India in the Colleges offering Food Science, Nutrition and Food technology courses.

  • The Association has been granting Merit Cum Means Scholarships every year to Eligible students doing undergraduate studies in Food and Nutrition subjects.

    Nutrition Awareness Activities:

    PFNDAI conducts numerous Nutrition Awareness Activities usually sponsored by some of our member companies in different colleges across India offering Food Science, Nutrition and Food technology courses. The objective of this activity is to create awareness about Food Safety, Nutrition, and Quality among students and also to bridge the gap between academia and industry. The activity involves various students’ competitions followed by a half-day seminar mostly having speakers from the industry.

    PFNDAI Merit-Cum-Means Scholarships:

    Every Year PFNDAI accepts applications from various Colleges having Food Science, Nutrition and Food technology as subjects and identifies and awards the eligible students the PFNDAI Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship Grants. These scholarships are also sponsored by some of our renowned member companies.

Educational Activities

  • Communications project on a pilot scale in Maharashtra & Delhi - One Year mass communications project on nutrition education. USAID (1970).

  • Extension of the nutrition education programme - Monitoring the campaign itself and evaluate the trends in nutrition knowledge.(1971).

  • School textbooks - PFNDAI has rewritten school textbooks in the areas of foods, health, digestion and sanitation. (1974).

  • "Vital India" Nutrition education programme - promotion of ‘Vital’ Brand soya flour. (1988).

  • The pulse of good health - 15 minutes video cassette (VHS/PAL) promoting SOYA FOODS(1989-90).

  • PFNDAI Awards for Best Research Project leading to Ph.D. & M.Sc.Degree in Food Science &Technology and Nutrition Science. Promoting Educational Excellence: Funding for M.Sc. Project works in Food Science &Technology.