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Serval development and analytical project have been undertaken by the Association for industry.
These are conducted in a research institute under the supervision of PFNDAI technical staff and the result are given to the industry under confidentiality clause.

Product Development and Assessment

  • Pilot study in fortified and packaged atta, USAID (1970).

  • Product test on soy milk. American Soybean Association, (1971)

  • Test marketing of packaged forified atta-modified plan. USAID (1973)

  • "Matruhar project" Development of low-cost culturally aceptable pregnant/lactating women's food. Food & Nutrition Board (1976)

  • Manufacture of blanched, roasted and salted groundnuts. Food industry (1981)

  • Biscuit manufacture. Food industry (1981)

  • Cost reduction of an existing high-protein product through reformulation. Phrama industry (1982)

  • Development of nutritious beverage powder. Food industry (1982)

  • Processed soy foods (1985)

  • Assessment of Vitamin A stability.(2004).

  • Sponsored a Project on ‘Frying Oils’-estimation of the absorption of oils by the foods during deep-frying.(2005 & 2008)

Consultancy Services

  • Consultancy provided to Food Crafts Institute, Pune in planning training units for young mothers to provide children with cheap but nutritious food (1970)

  • Consultancy for developing a nutritional supplement formulation. Food industry - Private sector, 1981

  • Consultancy provided to Lokmanya Tilak Hospital, Sion-Mumbai, 1990

  • Consultancy for process development to incorporate natural proteins in clear and translucent shampoo. Multiproduct industry - Private sector, 1997