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The Association was started in 1968 by a few eminent industrialists with the help of Government agencies & research institutions of international repute to promote and create awareness about the importance of proteins for the people to maintain good health and growth.The association was initially known as Protein Foods Association of India but later in 1973 it was renamed as Protein Foods & Nutrition Development Association of India, as a large section of food industry was interested in forming an association that was devoted to creating awareness about the importance of nutritious, safe and high quality food products in maintaining Healthy Life.

Earlier the focus of the association was on protein because of the protein deficiency in Indian diets which is largely vegetarian and the national interest in eradication of this deficiency by making food products containing affordable but high quality sources of protein. However, soon it was realised that although protein is a very important nutrient that is lacking in the diets of vulnerable section of Indian population, there were other deficiencies of the micronutrients. Therefore the association decided to increase the scope in order to focus all nutrients and include the safety and quality aspects of the foods.So, today the emphasis of the association is on all types of foods and products consumed by Indians on the following aspects.

  • Food Safety

  • Nutrition

  • Quality

The Association has catered to the needs of the industry, providing them with latest information on market trends, new researches and studies. The Association has been continuing to be a common platform for all the industry experts and nutritionists to come together and exchange their ideas in order to benefit the society through various means of interactions.

The Association has members that are the Food Industry professionals, Nutritionists, Consultants, Academicians, and Students & Research Scholars. Many of our members are on various government boards and committees that are responsible for food regulations and formulating food standards.

The Association conducts various activities throughout the year such as supporting research and education, consultation, projects, surveys, creating awareness about nutrition and safety of foods, endorsement of quality food products, organizing industry meets conferences etc.