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PFNDAI has carried out surveys of food intake in the past. The first one was conducted a few years ago in the rural places of eight states & Union Territories along with Food & Nutrition Board. More recently, urban areas were covered in many cities in different parts of India. This survey included the estimate based on the 24 hour recall method.

Surveys are not only conducted to find out whether the population under study is getting adequate nutrition or not and may be used for some nutrition intervention such as fortification etc. It also provides useful information regarding the daily intakes of certain food products so some estimate may be made of the additives or residues taken in by the population so the limits may be arrived at for safety purpose.

These surveys also are useful in estimating the consumption pattern of any particular type of food or product or ingredients in the diet of the target population. This gives some useful data to the industry developing marketing strategy.

PFNDAI survey on “Intake of Processed Foods”-2006

State nutrition profiles in Eight States & Two Union Territories(44 Districts covered)
Food & Nutrition Board(1994-96)